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Sorrento is one of the Mediterranean’s most popular tourist destinations, due to its natural beauty, historical landmarks and wonderful summer climate. With a prime location close to picturesque spots such as the Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius, Capri and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii, there’s plenty to see and do nearby. Stroll through the quaint cobbled streets of Sorrento, watch yachts leaving the marina, or admire the culture in the local museums and galleries. Shopping is a magical experience, with master craftsmen making traditional leather goods, woodwork, soaps, sweets and more.

How to reach the Venue

Driving from Naples to Sorrento

You might think that driving along a coastline as the Bay of Naples could be lovely and picturesque, and that is, in a certain way, true. Nevertheless, the roughly 50km (30mi) trip is primarily on crowded highways (so you will be probably get stuck in traffic), far away from the coast. Actually, it is unpredictable how long it will take – especially on summer weekends when it is not just the tourists who are heading for the beaches, but the locals as well.

Taking the bus from Naples to Sorrento

If you are flying to the Airport of Naples, bypass Naples, and want to get directly to Sorrento, there is a daily coach service that starts from the airport itself (though frequency and departure times varies with the season). It is provided by Curreri. The trip lasts about a 1.25-hour.

“Curreri” Bus line website

Taking the train from Naples to Sorrento

Trains from Naples to Sorrento start daily from the main station (Stazione Napoli Centrale on Piazza Garibaldi) approximately every half-hour between 06: 00 and 23: 00. The trip can take between one hour and one hour and twenty minutes.

“Circumvesuviana” Train line timetable

Taking boat from Naples to Sorrento

The hydrofoil is probably your fastest option from Naples to Sorrento (taking in account that you need from 30 to 60 minutes to reach the harbor from the airport).Hydrofoils are operated by Alilauro and depart from the pier Moro Beverello in Naples near Piazza Municipio. The trip takes roughly 40 minutes one-way.

“Alilauro” Hydrofoil line website

Congress Tours (on request)

Pompei & Vesuvius (full day)

Pompei holds an intense fascination for visitors today. Following the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 AD, the thriving and prosperous town of Pompei lay buried and forgotten for hundreds of years. Excavations started in the XVIII° century and continue today, giving us treasures from the Roman period. After the visit of wonderful houses with their original frescos, thermae and other public buildings, there is free time for lunch. After lunch there will be a bus ride up to the height of the volcano, and from there you can walk to the crater. Authorized mountain guide will escort the visitors. Mount Vesuvius dominates the Bay of Naples. It is the only active volcano left on the mainland of Europe. The slopes were once covered with vineyards and woods and provided an innocent looking backdrop for the bustling town below. The coach will take you on the very top of Vesuvius and from there you will admire the splendid panoramic views across the bay. Remember to bring comfortable shoes (not sandals) and your camera.

Cost per person: to be defined.

Capri Island (small groups – 8 hours)

At the very beginning of the boat trip, you will admire the incredible scenery, the breathtaking views and the marvelous coastline. Once in Capri we will help you discovering the hidden beauties of the “Blue Island”: The White Grotto, The Green Grotto, The Faraglioni Rocks, Marina Piccola, Punta Carena, The Blue Grotto. There will be stops for swimming, snorkeling, jumping in the water, relaxing at the sun and feel the Mediterranean life. We will drop you off in the main harbor of Capri, Marina Grande, free time to visit Capri and Anacapri or take you to one of the many great seaside restaurant of the Blue Island.

Cost per person: to be defined.

Positano & Amalfi (small groups – 8 hours)

During this great boat tour, you will experience the Amalfi coast as you have never done before. You will be brought to the most beautiful and famous Coast of the world, enjoying the wonderful beaches of Nerano and Li Galli Isle, Laurito, Fornillo, Crapolla, Recommone, and Arienzo. The skipper will drop you off in Positano and Amalfi where you will have free leisure to visit these picturesque villages and go shopping in the narrow characteristic streets. We will try to make you live a very special day, in other words, something memorable!

Cost per person: to be defined.

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